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Printed on fine art cotton 310 gram "Hahnemuhle Velvet" paper.
The album cover came about by listening to her music...

My previous album cover I made for her, focused on politics and social conditions in the world today - things that were weighing on her mind this album was more personal.

Political elements of the first album are still there, healthcare system in the toilet, police brutality, flawed justice scales, war, etc. and also a few new elements, foreclosed homes and a teabag, etc., but all of these elements have fallen down, lying in rubble behind her..

Her song lyrics "You built a wall 20 feet tall / But if I get off my knees / I might recall I'm 20 feet tall" was an inspiration to draw her to be a large face. She is 20 feet tall.

Also, she is wearing armor to protect her from the harsh realities of life..

Her lyrics "Out my mind, just in time", inspired the concept of her climbing out of the old shell, fresh and innocent and powerful, and the tree of life is also growing from there.

The color purple of the tree and the sky represent the 7th chakra- the crown chakra, right above her third eye shield, this chakra represents peace, wisdom, spirituality. She is reborn. Her tuning fork is summoning the vibrations of the universe..
from out of all the rubble, lush exotic plant life is growing. Her lyric from "Window seat" about her "music, lover and my babies" was one of several lyrics that inspired the symbolism of 3's

3 moons
3 hidden babies
3 trees
3 ankhs

and the ankh itself is a symbol of duality, of life /death, immortality... but what is life without Love? so i made the ankh heart shaped..