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Patrick Nagel generated a series of 15 different commemorative silkscreens that were produced over a four year period, which were later published after his death in 1984. Only one printed edition of each commemorative was done. Screen-signed by Nagel before going to print, today these commemoratives are widely collected, because of their beauty and high-quality printing. The feeling of Nagel's work is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints as well as of Art Deco styling, yet it is completely contemporary and universal in appeal. His synthesized components of graphic design, fashion illustration and a sensuous approach to painting the figure into a stylized personal vision altered attitudes towards illustrating fashions in the 80s. In addition to paintings, Nagel created more than 60 graphic editions, posters, commemorative editions and several commissions for Playboy and Architectural Digest, as well as the 1983 Duran Duran album cover on what became the number one record in the world. Beginning with his distinctive work for Playboy, Nagel's reputation as a designer was well-recognized and he produced numerous magazine covers and illustrations over the years.